Mia Meow’s end of the school year wish.

Mia Meow painting Cat character from Children's book waving
Artwork by BZTAT

Mia Meow and I are a little sad this week, because it is our last week to visit our preschool friends for the school year. We have had so much fun visiting classrooms and making art with our good friends this year!

Some of our friends will be back next year, but many will go on to Kindergarten. We are so excited for the learning adventures ahead of them! We hope we will see them in the hallways next year as we meet new preschool students.

We also hope that they will visit us here! We plan to keep the creative fun going by posting new creative art projects for our friends to make over the summer.

Each week as I bring our art classes to a close, I ask my students, “Want to say goodbye to Mia Meow?” They always send her off with great love and enthusiasm and wish her well for the week. This week, we are saying goodbye for the school year, but also encouraging students to visit us here with their families.

Mia Meow’s end of the school year wish is that all of her friends will keep creating and learning as the school year ends and as summer begins.

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Life is and Adventure!





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