Mia Meow Cat photo celebrity catMia Meow is a colorful cat character created by world renown animal artist BZTAT. The character is based on a real cat named Mia Meow who lives with four other cats in the artist’s home and studio. Rescued as a kitten from a feral colony on October 13, 2013, Mia has brought much fun and mischief to the artist’s world.

An avid pet lover and self proclaimed “Cat Lady”, artist BZTAT was inspired to create the Mia Meow character as a way to bring arts integration activities to children. BZTAT works with various groups of children, integrating arts activities with academic programming. She developed the character as a way to encourage story telling and creative experience in academic learning.

A Mia Meow book is in the works, as are other educational and artistic resources for children, parents and teachers. Stay tuned. This little cat has many adventures ahead of her!

Visit artist BZTAT’s main website BZTAT Studios to see more of her artwork, and visit Artist BZTAT’s Color Me Cats to see her popular adult coloring book.