More Illustrations for the “Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book

In August, I shared the first five illustrations of the “Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book here. I also shared the basic story line for the book:

In the beginning of the book, Mia Meow, a small cat with big dreams, looks out a window from the inside of her home. Although she loves her home, she longs for adventure, desiring to play with the squirrels and birds that she sees from her inside perch.

Mia Meow lives in a creative place with her human companion who is an artist. Her particular art tends to be creating havoc!

In a bout of mischievous play, Mia Meow discovers a red crayon on the floor. She whacks the crayon around the floor as cats will do…

…and then she hits it so hard, it sails through the air onto the table. On the table is a collar and a piece of paper.

Being a curious cat, Mia Meow dons the collar. Cats are not naturally given to drawing, but with the collar, she feels a creative impulse that she has never experienced before. She begins to draw with the crayon. As she draws, she discovers that the collar has given her magical powers, and her drawing comes to life off the paper.

Throughout the story, Mia Meow discovers her magical power is her creativity, and her imagination takes her on a grand adventure! 

(Read the post and see the first 5 illustrations here.)

I have the next sequence of illustrations ready to share. As the story proceeds, Mia Meow wears her magic collar and uses her magic crayon to create new friends and new adventures along the way. (Note, some of the illustrations are missing the collar, which will be added to the paintings later.)

“Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book Illustration Squirrel and Bird in tree

First, Mia Meow uses her crayon to draw the squirrel and bird that she usually watches from behind her window on the inside, and watches as her imagination comes to life! Mia befriends the bird and squirrel that she has created.

“Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book Illustration Farm animals

Next, Mia creates a cow, a pig, a goat and a chicken and she enjoys visiting her new friends on a farm.

“Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book Illustration Forest animals

After visiting the farm, Mia explores the forest, creating new friends, including a bear, a raccoon, a skunk, a fox and a rabbit.

Mia has a few more adventures ahead of her, and new friends to meet. Stay tuned for more illustrations and more of the story!

The book and the illustrations should be completed within the next month. My plan is to have the book self published and ready to have preordered copies shipped before the 2016 winter holidays in time for gift giving.

You  can preorder copies of the “Oh My, Mia Meow!” Children’s Picture Book  which will be published in the near future. Preorder your copy here. All hardcover preorders made before 9/15/16 will include a pdf copy emailed to you for mobile device reading.

Life is an Adventure!


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  1. Becky McLaughlin says:

    The story line and paintings are so lovely and engaging! I want to see these used as curriculum in the schools. I’d like my grandchildren to enjoy Mia Meow!

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