Art Project for Kids: Drawing an Abstract Cat

How to make an abstract cat drawing-children's art projectMia Meow wanted to share a creative adventure with you today!

Here  is a simple abstract cat drawing that can be easily created by children 5 years old and up. It is a fun drawing that challenges children to follow sequential directions to achieve an image that looks like a recognizable subject. Despite the sequential directions, the project offers a lot of room for individual expression, as well.

The abstract cat drawing can be created with a variety of media. The image that you see to the left is an oil pastel drawing on black paper, but you can do it with crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, etc. I like oil pastels on colored papers, as they tend to create interesting contrasts and textures. (Use them with discretion with children who put things in their mouths.) Crayons on white paper create bright contrasts too!

Whatever media you choose, follow the drawing sequence that you see below. Begin with a simple cross grid drawn with an oil pastel (or crayon, marker, pencil, etc.) that offers good contrast. Using the same oil pastel, add a “U” shape that crosses the top two squares. Add details as you go, eventually completing the features of a cat.

How to make an abstract cat drawing -children's art project

It is best to do the sequence quickly and spontaneously without laborious fussing with details. The drawing needn’t be perfect. In fact, imperfections give it more character!

After the drawing is complete, encourage the child to color in the different shapes with a variety of colors. They can add designs, too if the want!


How to draw an abstract cat -children's art project

How to draw an abstract cat -children's art project
Oil Pastel

How to draw an abstract cat -children's art project
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Share your experiences with your kids drawing the abstract cat in the comments. Happy creating!

Life is an Adventure!


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