Mia Meow Children's Book Cat Character by BZTAT

Welcome to the new site for Mia Meow!

Mia Meow is a character that I have created based on my real live cat of that name. I created her character to help me as a teaching artist with children.

As an artist, I have been contracted through various schools and arts organizations to do what is called “arts integration”, which is using art to enhance academic learning. I have found that children enjoy learning more when they can engage with a character and a story, so I created Mia’s character for that purpose.

So far, I have used Mia’s character with one 4th grade science class, and the kids have absolutely loved her! We are in the process of writing and illustrating a book about land forms, and not only are they learning about the science, they are creating memorable images and stories as a collaborative project. Their joy in the process of learning and creating with Mia Meow as their inspiration is nothing short of amazing!

I wanted to share my journey in creating the character, and I also wanted to share the products that develop out of the process. I developed this site to chronicle mine and Mia’s adventures as we grow in this process.

I am not sure where this journey will lead, but I do have some big ideas. For starters, I am planning an illustrated book for children about Mia, and I am planning to create resources for teachers to enhance learning for their students.

Want to join us? We would love to have you along for the journey! Stay tuned – there are many adventures ahead for this curious little cat!

Life is an adventure!



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